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Mid-Level Donor Upgrade Masterclass Series

Today’s mid-level donors are tomorrow’s lead donors. Are you stewarding yours effectively?

Even amid continued economic uncertainty, fundraisers are meeting or exceeding their goals. However, they’re doing it with fewer donors. Now more than ever, we must develop strategies to retain and upgrade loyal donors. Mid-level donors are especially poised to be moved along the donor pyramid.

This Masterclass Series will help you build a robust mid-level giving program that drives loyalty and inspires donors to advance to major giving. We’ve curated a collection of five webinars, three eBooks, and one powerful Mid-Level Accelerator to transform the way you engage with this essential support system.

Need more help? Connect with one of our experts to level-up your mid-level giving program.

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Mid-Level Accelerator

Supercharge Your Mid-Level Program in the Next 90 Days

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A mid-level program can help transform your fundraising efforts and bridge the gap between annual & major giving. But trying to create a more personalized experience for mid-level donors when you are already strapped for staffing and budget can leave many nonprofits feeling stuck.

Pursuant’s Mid-Level Accelerator is a turnkey solution that can help you identify and cultivate annual fund donors who want to give more.

Defeating Data Silos to Drive Success in Major Gifts Program


In this webinar, Mary Beth McIntyre, Principal at Win-Win Giving will join us to uncover why having unified donor data across fundraising departments is critical to success in a personalization-first world.

We’ll also explore a matrix for figuring out which metrics matter the most and the necessary tools for consolidating information.

Major and Planned Giving Post-Pandemic: Case Study with JDRF


When the pandemic upended plans and canceled events, major gifts programs that rely on exclusive events like galas scrambled to adjust their strategy. Fundraisers were left wondering: How do we recreate an inviting community experience for our most valuable supporters in an all-digital environment? 

In this webinar, we'll sit down with Gillian Green, JDRF's Vice President of Leadership Giving, to learn how her team embraced digital transformation in their major gifts program. 

We'll explore:

  • Trends in major and planned giving post-pandemic
  • How JDRF built rich digital communities and grew donor loyalty 
  • Leveraging data to identify your best major and planned giving candidates
  • How to create tailored, personal experiences at scale for these donors

Why & How to Build a Mid-Level Giving Program


You're probably here for two reasons. One: you’ve either convinced leadership at your nonprofit to fund a mid-level giving program. Or, two: you have the beginnings of one, and want concrete details about how to set your mid-level program up for success.

In this webinar, we'll interview Senior Manager of Donor Appreciation at Moody Bible Institute Stephen Asare to learn how his team built and grew Moody's mid-level program over the last five years.

You'll Learn:

  • Define what “mid-level” means for your organization
  • The skills and traits that best characterize the colleagues who head up a mid-level program (as well as what they actually do in their roles)
  • Benchmarks you can set to track your progress over time

Tech Tools Every Major Giving Program Should Have

In the final installment of the Donor Upgrade Masterclass, we'll put our learnings from the first four sessions into practice. From mining data for ideal upgrade prospects to creating hyper-targeted segments and tracking gift officer progress, this session will cover your bases when it comes to tools that can supercharge your efforts.
Together, we'll explore:
  • Finding the right technology for YOUR program
  • Identifying your must-haves versus nice-to-haves
  • How technology can manage & optimize your donor upgrade strategy

Planned Giving Needs To Be...Well...Planned!

Join one of the most successful planned giving programs in the country, the Braille Institute, along with FreeWill, who provides planned and major giving tools as we talk about what works, what doesn't, and how planned giving programs are changing. 
Special guests, Kirsten Jasna, Senior Director of Development from the Braille Institute of America and Nicole Walton, Director of Partner Success from FreeWill will join us to discuss how planned giving programs are evolving. 

The Case for Developing a Mid-Level Giving Program

Part 1


Defined as supporters who contribute between $500 and $5,000, the subset saw less of a decline than other donor groups in 2021. This suggests that the value of mid-level donors has yet to be fully recognized by the nonprofit sector.

In this resource, we want to help you build the case to invest in a mid-level giving program at your nonprofit.

How to Build a Mid-Level Giving Program

Part 2


Are you working to gain buy-in and funding for your mid-level program? Hoping to improve the program you already have?

Wherever you are on that journey, this ebook will present you with concrete details about how a well-oiled mid-level program can come together.

This ebook will cover the building blocks that compose the foundation of your soon-to-be flourishing mid-level giving program.

Data & Technology You Need for Your Mid-Level Giving Program

Part 3


Cultivating mid-level donor prospects often requires a white-glove approach similar to the attention paid to major donor prospects. 

A major roadblock? Personalization efforts for mid-level donors must be hyper-efficient, especially if your team is lean or consists of a single mid-level gift officer. 

This ebook will outline the data and tools available to help you scale a highly personalized approach for your mid-level donors.




The Presenters


Mary Beth McIntyre


Win-Win Giving

Barbara O'Reilly

CFRE and Principal

Windmill Hill Consulting

Gillian Green

Vice President of Leadership Giving

Stephen Asare moody

Stephen Asare

Senior Manager of Donor Appreciation

Moody Bible Institute

Kristin Priest

Vice President, Client Solutions

Dawn Galasso

Dawn Galasso

Vice President, Technology Sales