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Unlock the generosity of Gen Z - they're not kids anymore, they're young adults making an impact. 

While they might not be the wealthiest right now, they're abundant in passion and a desire to change the world. As they embark on their careers, they foresee contributing more when they're settled. Plus, like their Millennial counterparts, they're set to benefit from "the Great Wealth Transfer" as they inherit assets from affluent Baby Boomers in the next two decades.

Connecting with this philanthropic generation is crucial, and it starts with understanding what sets them apart. 

In this resource, we walk you through:

  • Unique characteristics of Gen Z, providing insights on what matters to them and how to best engage them.
  • Tools and techniques to ensure you can personalize messaging to ensure the best constituent experience.
  • Cultivation strategies so you can continue to build and grow your relationship with your youngest donors.

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