Session 2-2

On-demand Webinar

The reasons for offering a recurring giving program are numerous – including strong donor retention, predictable revenue, and a pipeline for mid-level and major giving. But getting one off the ground can seem daunting. In part 2 of our “Sustainer Giving Masterclass” series, we’ll dive right into the nuts and bolts of what it takes to successfully execute a monthly or recurring program. 

Tune in for “Technology that Fuels Powerful Sustainer Giving.” Our digital fundraising experts Kacey Crawford and Dawn Galasso will cover:

  • How to identify prime monthly giving candidates in your data
  • The tech stack necessary to deliver a monthly giving program
  • Steps to executing your first monthly giving campaign
  • Best practices for the future, including branding your program and optimizing your website for monthly giving

Don’t miss this key installment of the “Sustainer Giving Masterclass.”


Kacey Crawford

Kacey Crawford

VP, Digital, Pursuant

Dawn Galasso

Dawn Galasso

VP, Technology Sales, GivingDNA

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