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On-Demand Webinar

You're probably here for two reasons. One: you’ve either convinced leadership at your nonprofit to fund a mid-level giving program. Or, two: you have the beginnings of one, and want concrete details about how to set your mid-level program up for success.

In this webinar, we'll interview Senior Manager of Donor Appreciation at Moody Bible Institute Stephen Asare to learn how his team built and grew Moody's mid-level program over the last five years.

You'll Learn:

  • Define what “mid-level” means for your organization
  • The skills and traits that best characterize the colleagues who head up a mid-level program (as well as what they actually do in their roles)
  • Benchmarks you can set to track your progress over time
This 30-minute webinar will run through what it takes to start a program from scratch and set it up to succeed.

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Stephen Asare moody

Stephen Asare

Moody Bible Institute


Kristin Priest


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