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Case Study

A Global Ministry

A global faith-based client is devoted to sharing the life-changing gospel message worldwide through radio, TV programs, and public evangelistic events. As the 2022 year-end fundraising season approached and given the ministry’s bold plans for 2023, The client recognized the need to enhance donor engagement and encourage more donors to upgrade their support.

This focus took a promising turn when they partnered with GivingDNA. The platform opened a realm of data-driven possibilities, enabling the nonprofit to tap into actionable insights. They were also able to pinpoint a specific segment of donors who exhibited a high likelihood of upgrading their contributions if asked.


By the


response rate


upgraded their giving



By the


6.25% response rate


55% upgraded their giving


$10k raised

The Challenge

The ministry had not actively sought to identify potential donors who might be open to upgrading their contributions. 

In addition, their existing CRM system offered limited functionalities for determining potential upgrade candidates. As well, the Advancement team had not previously developed intentional strategic messaging nor mail packages to drive upgrade-giving behavior.  

These donors would have been included in the standard annual fund mailing — without receiving a more targeted upgrade request. But GivingDNA helped us identify individuals with a high likelihood of upgrading. Given the results of the targeted outreach, we will definitely continue to leverage GivingDNA to uncover untapped opportunities that help us drive greater mission impact.

- Director of Marketing

The Solution

By integrating GivingDNA’s analytics capabilities with the ministry’s existing CRM system, they gained access to a wealth of previously untapped information. Specifically, the platform’s data analysis revealed patterns, trends, and behavioral indicators that shed light on donor behavior, preferences, and propensities. 

Armed with this newfound knowledge, the ministry was able to quickly identify a segment of donors within their file who showed a strong inclination toward upgrading their gift amount.  The nonprofit could now proactively engage with these donors and make tailored appeals to increase support. 

At the end of the calendar year, with strategic direction from the Pursuant agency team serving the ministry, they designed a larger 9” x 12” personalized proposal package that was sent exclusively to their Mid-Level and Major donors. Given the cost and specialness of this package, the upgrade list was narrowed to include those candidates who had given a single gift of $500 or more in the last 24 months and who were outside of the current Mid-Level and Major donor segments. From the larger list from GivingDNA, 464 donors fit the refined criteria and were included in the 9” x 12” personalized proposal package mailing instead of the standard-sized regular envelope mailing they typically would have received. 

The messaging in this package was inspiring, cast a compelling vision for the upcoming year, and shared specific activities planned to reach more people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It also helped donors see how they could partner with the ministry in their plans and the ripple effect their gifts would have beyond the next year.  

The Results

Of the special upgrade opportunity group of 464 individuals who received the exclusive mailing, 29 people responded, resulting in a response rate of 6.25%. Of those who were identified as likely to upgrade — and who responded to the special proposal appeal — 55% upgraded their giving with larger gifts in 2022 than in 2021. When considering the cost of the mailing, the campaign achieved a 6.4% return on investment. 

Not only did GivingDNA give them the tools necessary to identify and engage donors who were likely to upgrade for its end-of-year campaign, but it also provided the ministry with a proven tool for future efforts to upgrade giving among their donors.