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How Can We Help You?


What is GivingDNA?

GivingDNA is the next-generation tool for fundraising, wealth screening, and data analytics. It’s a single platform that takes your internal donor database, adds external data points, and creates a central dashboard that helps you see the stories in your data. These insights can drive all aspects of your fundraising strategy.

What type of nonprofit organizations should use the platform?

GivingDNA is built for any nonprofit, but we find most of our clients have at least 10,000 constituents managed through customer relationship management (CRM) software. Our smaller clients run multiple fundraising campaigns and strategies that we help them execute and maintain. 

In short, our clients value data but need help turning that data into action. If this sounds familiar, we should talk.

What are the benefits of GivingDNA?

GivingDNA is your on-demand data scientist, and its goal is to help you understand your donors so you can make better fundraising decisions. When you know donors’ behaviors and affiliations, you can move them to action. 

GivingDNA looks at your data in a way no one else has and delivers actionable insights, which help you personalize fundraising strategies like never before. For example:

  • Create micro segments for truly targeted outreach 
  • Find the hidden giving potential among your donors 
  • Identify relationships between constituencies to drive engagement 

GivingDNA is powered by Pursuant’s 20+ years of fundraising, marketing, and analytics expertise. Its proven fundraising strategy is woven into our tool’s very fabric. 

What do I need to get started?

Getting started is easy. You only need two files: constituents and donations. Your files must include a name and address so we can match our data to yours.

How long does it take to get set up?

Our experts will have your platform set up and ready to use the day you sign up.

Can I schedule a demo?

Please do — we love showing off GivingDNA! Simply fill out this form, and we’ll be in touch ASAP.  

Is GivingDNA a wealth screening tool?

Yes, and then some. Unlike traditional wealth screening tools that evaluate assets every 3-5 years, GivingDNA refreshes data as often as you like to ensure you capture new donors and behavior changes as soon as possible. It’s wealth screening with a fresher and more diverse data set, layered with a baked-in strategy. 

How do you help with my fundraising strategy?

GivingDNA fuels all aspects of your fundraising strategy — major gifts, planned and sustained giving, annual and mid-year campaigns, digital, omnichannel, even crypto. 

A solid strategy starts with knowing your donors, and the rich insights GivingDNA generates can’t be matched. Stop wasting time with guesswork or a one-size-fits-all approach and let us help you develop the right strategy for the right donors.


How is the pricing structured?

GivingDNA is a subscription-model platform based on the number of constituent records an organization has. It’s competitively priced to ensure you get the best deal.

What is the pricing based on?

Pricing includes unlimited users across the organization and unlimited wealth screenings per year. 


Is there a dedicated support team?

Yes, you’ll have a dedicated success manager to onboard you and your team, provide ongoing technical support, and offer individual and group training and strategy sessions. Your support team includes seasoned consultants with decades of fundraising experience. 

Am I able to buy additional consultation and training?

Yes, additional consulting packages are available upon request. Your success manager can help you find the right package for your needs. 

Is there ongoing GivingDNA training?

We host office hours and User Community Webinars every month. Also, depending on your subscription level, you may also have monthly or quarterly meetings with your success manager. 

How can I get the latest product and feature updates?

There are three ways to keep up with our latest news and updates: attend our monthly User Community Webinar, sign up to receive our emails, and check out the GivingDNA YouTube channel

Are there case studies and reviews?

We invite you to explore our success stories. We also share case studies on our YouTube channel.


Can GivingDNA be integrated with CRMs?

Yes, GivingDNA can be integrated with the most widely used CRMs, Salesforce and Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT. Virtuous is coming soon.

Who manages the integration?

Your success team will help you set up GivingDNA in your system, then the integration will run automatically.


Does any other organization have access to my donor data?

Absolutely not. Your data is secure in your GivingDNA platform.

Will GivingDNA share my donor data with other nonprofits or businesses?

No. Your data is securely stored in your instance of GivingDNA. No one else has access to your data, and it’s not shared with anyone.

What is GivingDNA’s privacy policy?

Read our complete privacy policy