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Dawn Galasso

Dawn Galasso

VP, Technology Sales

With nearly a decade in the nonprofit technology space, Dawn has worked in sales and management with a focus in SaaS companies dedicated to serving nonprofits. She specializes in providing clients with the best and most innovative products available in the ever-changing philanthropy space. Dawn’s love of all things data has focused her attention on the best analytic technology in the market to help over one thousand clients. She specializes in building repeatable strategies for explosive pipeline and sales growth, as well as creating processes to maximize sales success. Dawn’s passion is in working with companies that are bringing new features or platforms to nonprofit clients to help them raise money to further their missions.  

Why do you do what you do?

I didn’t start my career in the nonprofit space, it found me. As a lifelong sales professional, I was lucky enough to find data analytics in its infancy and knew data was going to change the world. I realized data could also change the way nonprofits fueled their fundraising. My clients are doing amazing work to help the world and I am proud to have a little role that may help them to identify and communicate better with their donors to do more good in this world.  

When I’m not fundraising, I’m…

Telling anyone who will listen how wonderful my grandkids are as well as sharing way too many photos of them on social media (Annabelle, 4 and Ben, 9 months). I’m really into fitness, especially anything martial arts (Muay Thai is my favorite). I love spending time with my husband Bill, daughter Ashleigh, son-in-law John, and the rest of my crazy-fun family. Some of them think I should quit my day job to sell my homemade gluten-free banana bread and guacamole.