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Next-Generation Donor Analytics Await

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"With GivingDNA, we were able to see a 1,329% return on our investment within the first 90 days. It was remarkable to feel the support we had for the personalization process from GivingDNA. It allowed us to align our message with the right channels for the right populations. In less than 15 minutes, we were on our way – we had identified where to invest our time, effort, and resources so we could focus on making a human connection and increasing engagement."

- Jamie Spiva

Senior Director of Leadership Giving


GivingDNA empowers fundraisers to: 

  • Uncover new fundraising opportunities in your file
  • Identify, segment, and more personally engage constituents
  • Augment your data with third-party insights
  • Automate reports for more intelligent fundraising decision making

Empowering Nonprofits to Hyper-Personalize Their Fundraising