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Dynamic and Ongoing Data

Fresh Data = Never Missing Opportunities

Unlike traditional third-party data, GivingDNA refreshes your file monthly.

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GivingDNA's dynamic data provides insights into who is giving, who isn’t giving, and why they give. This information empowers fundraisers to identify opportunities as they arise.

People are not static. Your data shouldn't be, either.

Uncover Opportunities in Real-Time

Automated alerts prompt swift action.

GivingDNA reveals changes in your donor file and surfaces them for you in easy-to-export segments.

GivingDNA delivers:
  • Donors who are most likely to give monthly
  • Planned giving prospects
  • Donors who are most likely to give more (upgrade their giving)


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Re-engage Donors BEFORE They Lapse

Drive strong retention by being proactive.

Giving is a habit. GivingDNA tracks your donors' giving habits and alerts you when those habits change.

Fundraisers are able to:

  • Identify donors at risk of lapsing on a monthly basis
  • Easily export reports on retention to share with your team
  • Reveal your donors' interests and build loyalty
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Never Send an Irrelevant Message

Refreshed data uncovers evolving donor interests.

GivingDNA uploads new data monthly, making it easy to send relevant, timely, and engaging messages.

GivingDNA allows fundraisers and nonprofit marketers to:
  • Group donors into segments based on their interests, passions, and deeply-held values
  • Customize communications based on those interests
  • Communicate within donors' preferred channels
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"GivingDNA provides a great way to look at our data, without having to get bogged down in our CRM."

- Libby Pedigo, Director of Development