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Portfolio Management & Optimization

Take the Guesswork Out of Major Gifts

GivingDNA makes it easy to manage, optimize, and create high-performing portfolios.

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Major gift programs need more donor prospects than ever before. But it can be time-consuming to research new prospects, and hard to convince gift officers to cultivate new donors when they have built relationships with donors who never give.

GivingDNA allows you to make swift decisions and raise more major gifts, faster.

Your Major Gifts Program at a Glance

See powerful visualizations with a click.

Managing a successful mid-level and major gifts program shouldn't be a headache.

GivingDNA helps gift officers answer:
  • Am I on target to hit my goals?
  • How is my donor retention year-over-year?
  • Is the average gift rising, or concentrated on fewer large donations?


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Find New Major Gifts Prospects

Eliminate time stuck in spreadsheets.

Cut your prospect research time to a minimum.

GivingDNA allows gift officers to:
  • Focus on donors in smaller regions or territories
  • Group donors who are supporting similar organizations and see their giving levels
  • Find donors with the most capacity, assets, and disposable income
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Optimize Portfolios Instantly

Save gift officers' time and effort.

Ensure the RIGHT donors are in your gift officers' portfolios.

GivingDNA empowers gift officers to:

  • Filter and sort portfolios to identify donors who should be removed
  • Save travel costs by viewing the geographic concentration of prospects 
  • See stories hiding in your portfolios by viewing demographic, financial, and psychographic data 
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"GivingDNA is a highly valuable, cost-effective tool that has helped us recognize who our best donors and prospects are so our major gift officers are spending time with the right people."

- Jennifer Jackson, Director of Donor Services and Analytics