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Reporting Features

See the stories in your data to create powerful strategies.

Easy reporting saves you time and instantly uncovers opportunities & challenges.

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Nonprofits are now a data company, but you're not a data scientist. You have important work to do, but data is getting in your way. What if you could see the health of your organization without an analyst?

We created GivingDNA to make reporting simple, easy, and quick.

See the Health of Your Fundraising

Get insights at a glance.

Data analysis shouldn't take days. With GivingDNA, you get insights in minutes.

GivingDNA helps you answer...

  • Are we on target to hit our goals?
  • Is retention trending up or down? Why?
  • Which campaigns are performing the best?
  • Are donors upgrading, lapsing, or stagnating?
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Manage Your Teams for Success

Create mid-level and major giving with a click.

GivingDNA removes the guesswork in managing gift officer performance.

You are able to:

  • See the total revenue raised per gift officer
  • Track donor retention rates
  • View revenue raised to goal
  • Optimize individual portfolios and ask amounts
  • Map where prospects live to save on travel costs
  • See traditional wealth screening metrics like RFM
The best part? Download charts with a click!
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Fuel Your Entire Fundraising Strategy

External data enhances your entire file. Augmented intelligence tells you what to do next.

Find opportunities in a click.

GivingDNA's Opportunity Alerts empower you to: 
  • Quickly identify donors at risk of lapsing
  • Understand what non-donors care about
  • Identify which donors are exhibiting the behavior of a monthly or planned giver
  • Upgrade donors who should be giving you more in your annual appeal
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"[T]he most useful things for me within GivingDNA have been the acquisition of donor information when building personas for our organization. Specifically, being able to export the graphs; make analytical comparisons about whom to send out monthly appeals, etc.; and the ability to dissect giving trends to understand discrepancies either higher or lower than previous years. I appreciate the search bar tremendously!"

- Wendy Adams, Director of Donor Engagement