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GivingDNA + Windfall Deliver More Actionable Data

Amid today’s economic uncertainty and rising costs, nonprofits need to focus on strengthening relationships with their existing donors. A key way to do this is to follow your data.

In this episode, we talk with Dan Stevens, co-founder and senior vice president of business development at Windfall, and Dawn Galasso, vice president of sales at GivingDNA, about the new partnership between the two organizations and how it’s disrupting traditional wealth screening.

Windfall refreshes its entire dataset once a week to ensure it captures the most up-to-date net worth and giving behaviors possible. By integrating this external data with GivingDNA’s data and analysis, fundraisers can build opportunity segments in minutes that can steer giving campaigns. Simply put, you won’t need an analyst or another tool to tell you what to do with your data segments. 

The insights you generate — age, occupation, net worth, communication preferences, salutation expectations, etc. — will build goodwill with your donors and can even help you re-engage non-donors. It’s all about creating hyper-customized experiences that show you know who your donors are and why they give.

The GivingDNA-Windfall partnership is sure to be a game changer for fundraisers. Listen now to see how it can strengthen your strategies.