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New Features to Help Nonprofits Identify Philanthropic Non-Donors and Crypto Donors

These two essential audience segments are pre-built using predictive behaviors so fundraisers can begin targeted outreach instantly.

GivingDNA, an all-in-one fundraising analytics, data visualization, and wealth profiling tool, is excited to introduce two new donor sets: philanthropic non-donors and cryptocurrency donors. These opportunity segments are pre-built to analyze your donors' giving behaviors, and then predict who an organization can reliably engage for that next gift, removing the guesswork and identifying prospects who have a tendency to give. The segments are also ready to use, so fundraisers are empowered to act on the new donor sets immediately.

One of the newest opportunity segments is an organization's philanthropic non-donors — These constituents are already in your database and are actively supporting other nonprofits, but have yet to give to you. By using this segment, fundraisers can better understand acquisition opportunities already on file and the constituent motivations to better align messaging to resonate with the segment's values and interests.

"In today's economic uncertainty, continued acquisition of new donors is just as important as retaining and stewarding the donors we have," said Ryan Carpenter, Vice President of Client Success at GivingDNA. "The good news is, this segment is prime for conversion as they have familiarity with your organization. By leveraging this segment, you can better understand donor motivations and customize your case to their interests and draft your appeal accordingly." 

The second opportunity segment identifies potential cryptocurrency donors so fundraisers can begin stewarding them in a manner relevant to how they give. GivingDNA's unique crypto segment will be a game-changer for the industry, as these essential insights can drive a nonprofit's giving strategy for years to come. For example, fundraisers will determine how many donors use cryptocurrency and whether they should accept crypto donations. They will also identify a new generation of donors poised to give sizable gifts. According to The Giving Block, which provides an ecosystem for crypto donation, one nonprofit found its average crypto gift was $3,000 and its highest was $55,000.

"Crypto cannot be ignored anymore, and we want to make it easier for marketers to target and serve those with this asset," said Rebecca Gregory Segovia, General Manager of GivingDNA. "This exciting new feature will help fundraisers identify crypto donors already in their files and open channels for those donors to make a greater impact in the organization."

"The brilliant thing about this new opportunity through GivingDNA is that you don't have to understand crypto in order to receive it as a donation," said Pat Duffy, Co-Founder of The Giving Block. "The Giving Block makes it easy for nonprofits to accept crypto donations and immediately convert the gift to cash. This means that nonprofits have the potential to receive larger gifts and engage a younger donor audience, without having to worry about having an in-depth understanding of crypto."



GivingDNA is the next generation of wealth intelligence + data analytics that uniquely combines your internal data with external insights to inform all areas of your fundraising strategy, from annual fund segmentation to mid/major gift prospecting and portfolio optimization. Fundraisers rely on GivingDNA for real-time data visualization to guide insights and strategy across their entire organization. Visit GivingDNA/demo.com to learn more and book a demo.

The Giving Block

Founded in 2018, The Giving Block, a Shift4 company, is turning Crypto Philanthropy into one of the greatest forces for good on the planet by making cryptocurrency fundraising easy for nonprofits while empowering donors to give Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to their favorite causes. The Giving Block currently enables more than 1,000 mission-driven organizations, charities, universities, and faith-based organizations of all sizes to accept cryptocurrency donations and helps them maximize their fundraising outcomes with strategic consulting and personal support. Learn more and discover why cryptocurrency is the fastest-growing donation method for Millennial and Gen-Z donors at TheGivingBlock.com

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