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Transforming Mid-Level Giving with Next-Generation Data Solutions

When it comes to nonprofit fundraising, the big flashy major gifts often steal the spotlight. But what about the reliable, consistent support that keeps organizations afloat during uncertain economic times? Enter mid-level donors. These unsung heroes donate between $1,000 to $10,000 annually and play a crucial role in fueling everyday fundraising efforts.

If you're looking to grow your mid-level giving program, you're in luck. There are plenty of strategies you can employ to make your program more effective and reach even more generous supporters. So let's dive into a few tips and tricks that can help you take your mid-level giving to new heights.


The Power of Personalization

To truly appreciate the value of your mid-level supporters, it's important to start by examining the data. Depending on the size of your organization, you may have a vast network of mid-level donors, each with their own unique characteristics and motivations for giving. But don't let the sheer number of supporters overwhelm you - creating a personalized experience for them doesn't have to be a daunting task. In fact, even small, simple steps can go a long way in making your mid-level donors feel appreciated and valued.

Focusing on personalization rather than customization can have a lasting impact on your donor database. A perfect case in point: the contrasting fortunes of two retail giants - Bed Bath & Beyond and Amazon. While both sell similar products, Bed Bath & Beyond inundates customers with a barrage of coupons regardless of whether an individual is in need of household goods. Amazon sets itself apart by greeting customers by name and tailoring deals based on their individual purchase history (plus, who can beat the convenience of two-day shipping included with your Amazon Prime membership?). 

The lesson here is clear: genuine personalization is key to building strong customer loyalty, and this applies to donors too. With tools like GivingDNA, you can leverage your donor data to create a highly personalized experience for each supporter. This can lead to deeper engagement, increased giving, and stronger relationships that endure over time.


Data and Technology

According to a survey conducted by the Harvard Business Review, 90 percent of survey respondents say customers expect organizations to know their interests and anticipate their needs. Much like how companies like Amazon can track their customers' data, nonprofits can and should have data on their donors. Once you identify your mid-level donors, you can also use analytics tools like GivingDNA to hone in on their interests and create tailored email marketing, social media posts, and elevated in-person experiences. 

GivingDNA can go a step further by finding out about donors’ interests, affinities, family lives, and more to help identify patterns and build stronger relationships. The software allows organizations to take the internal data they have collected and merge it with external data, such as giving capacity, to see the full picture of a donor’s life.  


Drilling Down on Data

Once you have this full picture, you can align your efforts and begin crafting messaging that drives deeper relationships with your donors. Find out if your mid-level donors give elsewhere, and dig into their donation trends, wealth and other financial responsibilities, and passions. Supplied with this heightened data, you will know when to reach out to these donors and how to appeal to them for the best results. 

Let's take a moment to address the elephant in the room: data hygiene and accuracy. After all, the effectiveness of your customization efforts hinges on the quality of your data. Many organizations tend to append their data with external information every 3-5 years, but in today's fast-paced world, this may not be frequent enough.

With GivingDNA, you can enjoy the benefits of a more timely and accurate data update process. Our platform allows you to append your data on a weekly or even monthly basis, ensuring that you always have the most up-to-date and reliable information on your donors. This, in turn, enables you to gain a much more accurate view of your donors' interests and preferences, so you can tailor your messaging and outreach efforts to align with their needs and priorities.

In conclusion, mid-level donors play a crucial role in supporting the vital work of nonprofit organizations. By investing in a robust mid-level giving program and fostering strong relationships with your supporters, you can build a stable foundation for your organization that can weather even the most uncertain of times.

At GivingDNA, we're passionate about helping nonprofits unlock the full potential of their donor data and take their mid-level giving to new heights. That's why we invite you to join us for a demo and take advantage of our week-long free trial. With GivingDNA, you'll have access to powerful tools and insights that can help you build stronger connections with your mid-level donors and propel your organization forward.