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5 Ways to Get More Data from Your Donors

Has someone ever given you their email address to subscribe to your newsletter? Then you have zero-party data! Are you monitoring your donors’ behavior on your website? Then you have first-party data. You can use this data for personalization, segmentation, and creating better donor experiences. 

Even better, with a little creativity, you can easily collect more of this valuable data. Here are five ideas for increasing your donor data without any help from the tech giants. 


1. Progressive Profiling

You don’t want to bombard your donors with every question you can think of all at once. But with a progressive profiling strategy, you ask more questions as they continue on their donor journey. For instance, to sign up for your newsletter, you may ask simply for their name and email address. But the next time they fill out a form, to make a donation or download a resource, you might ask for an additional piece of information. Over time, you’ll collect lots of useful data without overwhelming or annoying your supporters.


2. Create User Accounts

Are you using donor portals, where donors can manage their accounts and giving? These are a great opportunity to invite users to fill out a profile that tells you more about them. 


3. Make an Offer

Offer a free resource, swag, or other incentive in exchange for filling out a form or answering a question. 


4. Quizzes and surveys

Post a quiz on social media or send a survey to your email list. 


5. Interactive Digital Experiences

Interactive digital media relies on user input, and “user input” = zero-party data. Apps, interactive web experiences, landing pages, and more are opportunities to learn more about your donors from both their input and their behavior. 

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